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Simple, Effective Retention Solutions

Our Three Step Process
  • Assess the impacts of retention and absenteeism.

  • Identify disconnects with assessment tools.

  • Provide core buiding blocks & customized solutions.

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Our Approach to Employee Retention

At Manage2Retain, we understand the importance of keeping your top talent engaged, motivated and loyal. Our tailored solutions are designed to address the unique needs of your workforce and improve employee satisfaction to ensure long-term sustainable talent retention and succe

Manager Training/Development

🔵Enhance leadership skills , build new behaviors and improve team loyalty and performance.

🔵Develop stronger communication and working relationships.

Employee Engagement & Experience Programs

🔵Create a positive work environment.

🔵Implement strategies to boost morale and productivity.


🔵Use data-driven insights to identify retention risks in real time.

🔵Develop targeted interventions to mitigate turnover.

Customized Workshops

🔵Offering interactive training sessions, activities and exercises.

🔵Focus on communication, conflict resolution, and team-building.

Deliver Speed of Resolution

🔵Tools and processes to address and correct employee concerns promptly.
Why Choose Us?
  • Expertise

    Over 20 years of experience in employee engagement and retention.

  • Tailored Solutions

    Customized strategies to fit your organization’s needs.

  • Proven Results

    Data-backed approaches that deliver measurable improvements.

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Contact us to learn how our comprehensive services can help you retain your best employees and create a thriving workplace. Ensure Your Managers and Leaders are Helping Employee Retention Efforts/Improvements Not Hurting Them!

Manager Coaching/Training Process

Employee retention and absenteeism strategies don’t have to be complicated or expensive. What’s needed is to identify the key personal/emotional drivers important to employees that generate positive emotions about their career and ensure their work experience is rewarding. Once determined, managers can then take the actions necessary to ensure employees have an enjoyable, rewarding and fulfilling work experience. The result, employees enjoy and look forward to coming to work. Ensure managers know what causes turnover and how to cultivate retention!

There are two fundamental keys to improving retention and absenteeism: Compensation and Non-Compensation factors (both are important factors in retention strategies to secure lengthy tenure from their talented employees)

  •  Compensation: All business organizations need to offer competitive and attractive compensation packages (wages, salary, incentives and bonuses, a full benefit plan, stock options, education assistance, health and wellness programs, etc) . These all have significant impact on your organization’s ability to recruit and retain the top talent needed to help your business grow and succeed. Yet, salary and compensation packages must be limited or controlled to remain fiscally viable. Support Article
  • Secondly, organizations must create rewarding work experiences for employees. This includes helping to facilitate key engagement drivers, enhancing their career experience by understanding and supporting key personal needs and building career development plans that enable them to achieve career goals.

Ensure Your Managers and Leaders are Helping Employee Retention Efforts/Improvements Not Hurting Them!

Our business is built on one simple premise: If employees find fulfilment and enjoyment in their work and have a career development plan that meets their interests and goals, they will take less sick days and be much less inclined to search for alternate careers.

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Employee Retention Strategies and Solutions
Support Articles and Resources

Helping managers cultivate employee engagement

Helping managers build a rewarding and enjoyable employee work experience

Helping managers support employees in creating a career development plan so they see an attractive future with your organization

PACKAGE TWO: An interactive process to improve the employee's work experience. Defining the Employee’s Desired Experience and Meeting the Employees Work Expectations

Two Conversations with Manager and Employee Guides
Conv. 1: Defining the Employees Experience:

  • Identify/understand the key elements that make work rewarding
  • Review and learn from past great work experiences
  • Assessment of the employee’s strengths
  • Discussions on improvements to enhance the work experience.

Conv. 2: Meeting the Employees Work Expectations:

  • Understanding/adjusting to recent or upcoming changes
  • Review and Clarification of Performance Expectations, Feedback Needs, Communication and Support Needs…

Action Plans
Package Includes: Coach support
Price: $499 per Manager (Multiple Manager Discount)

PACKAGE THREE: An interactive process to help the employee acheive their career goals. The Employee’s Strengths and Interests and an Employee's Career Development Plan

Two Conversations with Manager and Employee Guides
Conv. 1: The Employee’s Career Plan and Goals:

  • Help the employee build a picture of themselves (their assets, where they want to head,..)
  • A recap of strengths
  • Self reflection exercises Goals and actions (training, coaching, upskilling,..
  • Next steps/Support people
  • ..and more?

Conv. 2: Creating the Employee’s Career Development Plan:

  • Discuss employee’s research and reflection exercises
  • Review plans, goals and career directions and any obstacles
  • Complete the employee’s career development plan

Includes Career Development Plan Form
Action Plans
Package Includes: Coach support
Price: $499 per Manager (Multiple Manager Discount)

Ancillary Business Benefits

  •  Higher motivation, improved productivity and performance
  • More effective teamwork and collaborations
  • Improved onboarding- Reduced training and development costs, faster ramp up to desired productivity
  •  Increased ideas/suggestions for new efficiencies and innovations.
  •  Passion and Inspiration
  •  Commitment and Determination
  •  Willingness to Improve, Grow and Develop
  •  Easier/More successful Recruitment-Attraction of new talent through improved culture and Net Promoter Scores

Benefits of Strong Relationships

Before and After Surveys

To ensure you achieve your objectives we monitor three metrics

  •  Absenteeism rate and associated costs
  • Turnover rate and associated costs
  •  Before and after surveys to measure pre and post engagement levels and satisfaction in career opportunities.


Organization Challenges

Organizations facing the following challenges:

  • Profit losses due to employee turnover and absenteeism
  • Difficulty to recruit the candidates needed to replace talent that has resigned
  •  Dealing with productivity issues and/or quality concerns after employees leave
  •  Toxic culture. Conversations and actions develop the attitudes and behaviors that foster desired culture. Employees contribute to organizational success and are actively involved in bringing values to life

Leader/Manager Development

  • New Managers/Leaders: Ensure managers get the training and development needed to learn the important people/soft skills that build loyalty and lengthy tenures.
  • Department Managers dealing with the high costs associated with elevated absenteeism (above 1.5%) and turnover rates. Our conversations develop manager’s skills in building successful relationships and teams.

Employee Support: Building Desired Culture

  • Effective Onboarding: Manager’s investment in the employee creates a positive impression of the organization and focuses on the employee’s integration from day one. Many employees decide to leave within their first 6-12 months
  • HiPOs (High Potential Employees): These are the overachievers. Don’t risk loss of these employees and their motivation, enthusiasm and commitment to company success
  • Good Quality Performers: These people deliver quality and dependable work.
  • Disengaged Employees: Convert challenging employees into quality performers.

Why Manage2Retain

Manage2Retain retention solutions:

  •  Are economical and affordable (Once managers learn how to conduct effective conversations with employees on important subject matter…. there are no further costs/expenses required).
  • Help managers understand and act on the key elements that make employee work experiences rewarding
  • Do not require extensive training
  •  Come complete with conversation guides for managers and employees
  •  Build trust and strengthen working relationships
  • Are simple to implement and administer
  •  Can be measured using simple ROI Metrics