Are Managers Helping or Hurting Your Retention Efforts?

Managers play a critical role in the employee retention process.

Manager-Employee disconnects are often cited as the # 1 reason why employees resign.

  • 50% to 75% of employees leave because of their manager or reasons their manager has influence over.” Business Leadership Today
  • “Almost 60% say they never received any training when they transitioned into their first leadership role.” Center for Creative Leadership 
  • “Nearly all bosses are ‘accidental’ with no formal training—and research shows it’s leading 1 in 3 workers to quit.” Orianna Royle

Managers have direct influence and control over many of the major retention drivers that affect employee decisions to stay or leave. 

Yet they don’t always know what is expected of them in efforts to improve retention, understand key retention drivers or what steps they can take to build trust, strengthen relationships and build the positive connections, emotions and feelings that create rewarding experiences, cultivate loyalty and increase retention. 


This workshop program is design to help educate and support managers so they have a positive impact on efforts to reduce employee turnover!

Common Manager-Employee Disconnects:

  1. Lack of Recognition/Appreciation
  2. Micromanagement vs Needed Independence
  3. Mis-Communication Challenges
  4. Lack of Trust/Poor Relationship
  5. Psychological Safety
  6. No Purpose/Meaning in Work
  7. Minimal Support, Empathy, Caring
  8. Generational Disconnects

…..and many more. Ensure your managers know these disconnects and the actions/steps they can take to prevent the negative feelins that lead to turnover!


MANAGER TRAINING: Manager’s Role/Responsibility in the Employee Retention Process and Keys to Their Success! Covering the Basics.

A Proactive Strategy to Build the Foundations that Lead to Strong Retention!

  • Why employee retention is so important to the company
  • Costs and organizational challenges associated with employee turnover
  • Helping Managers Understand Their Critical Role in Retaining Talent
  • The Face of the Company: Why they are in the strongest position to influence and impact retention 
  • Research and Statistics
  • Building Positive Emotions and Reducing Negative Emotions Associated with Their Work
  • Training Managers to Understand the Key Factors that Drive Employee Retention and How to Offer Support
  • Traditional Retention Drivers (Career Growth, Engagement..) and New Emerging Retention Concerns (Generational issues, Increasing mental health/stress, Working from Home, …)  
  • Creating a Positive Employee Experience
  • Keys to Building Relationships and Loyalty (People Skills that Drive Retention)
  • Understanding Your People, Meeting and Supporting Their Needs
  • Manager Buy-In -Helping managers understand how they benefit from engaging with and supporting the retention process 
  1. Action Plan and Reference Handout
  2. Program Duration 3.5 Hours 
  3. Price: $249 per Manager (On Line Presentation-Multiple Manager Discount) Build

The workplace is changing (some say it has irrevocably changed) and manager- employee relationships require a new leadership style, a new partnership to meet the needs to today’s workforces. 

Ensure your managers are on-board and engaged with your employee retention strategy and process and prepared to understand and meet the challenges of today’s workforce so these crucial relationships don’t hurt organization retention efforts. 

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