Manage Remote Teams Partnership

Manage2Retain proudly announces its partnership with UK-based Manage Remote Teams. Manage Remote Teams operates internationally, and this collaboration is a pivotal move in our shared commitment to support businesses grappling with rising employee turnover and absenteeism rates and today’s workforce challenges. Our new alliance offers additional and comprehensive solutions for businesses targeting improved employee retention and reduced turnover.

As the dynamics of the workplace continue to evolve, employees worldwide are placing a premium on mental health, work-life balance, and flexible working conditions (such as working from home/hybrid models). This partnership acknowledges these new challenges and shifting paradigms and places them front and centre. Together with Manage Remote Teams, we address these demands and have strengthened our abilities to equip managers with the expertise, knowledge and tools to foster powerful working relationships with their teams and support employee needs.

Our shared vision is a world where businesses thrive with engaged, motivated, and loyal workforces. This partnership is a major stride toward that goal, revolutionizing talent retention efforts. Manage2Retain also leverages a strong network to help businesses assess and optimize their financial compensation and benefits strategies.

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Manage Remote Teams- Capability
CEOs, Senior Leaders & HR Directors

As international experts in the field of hybrid and remote working, we know how to work with organisations of all sizes to ensure they become exceptional hybrid/remote employers.

Now that organisations have established the practicalities, to become exceptional, every organisation needs to refocus on leadership and teamwork for the modern dispersed era.

Our comprehensive 7-point plan includes both the necessary skills and a clear set of action steps to ensure that those skills are effectively implemented.

Seven Point Plan

1. Independent benchmarking of the entire organisation: A proprietary independent benchmarking to get the up-to-date opinions of your people (not just senior management) on Hybrid working in your organisation. We ask the questions that you need the answers to. We do not charge for this service and you are under no further obligation.

2. Post-results consultation: Once the benchmarking is complete, we will send you a report and then we discuss the results together. If you feel that everything is as it should be, then that is absolutely fine. We do not charge for this service and you are under no further obligation. 

3. Before you decide: We invite you and a colleague to attend any one of our management training sessions as a guest to check us out. What better way to see if you like our content and delivery style than to see us in action? We do not charge for this service and you are under no further obligation.

4. Pre-training benchmark: This is a deep dive into the subject that you would like our training to support you on. This is a starting point and is used later to analyse the success of the programme. We do not charge for this service, but it is part of the programme that you will have agreed to.

5. Training delivery: Our live zoom training sessions are 1 hour long and available on multiple dates for individuals to attend ensuring minimal disruption to calendars. All our training sessions are public, meaning other organisations also attend ensuring a cross-fertilisation of ideas, objectives and solutions. All training courses are delivered to managers and employees, separately. Managers and employees must be included in the programme.

6. Action plans to deliver the learnings: We know that most of what is taught in a training session is forgotten unless implemented. Our proprietary action plans ensure that the vision for the organisation is delivered consistently across the organisation by the managers over a set period of time.  We do not charge for this service but it is part of the programme that you will have agreed to.

7. Post-training benchmark: Using the pre-training benchmark, we carry out the same exercise to ensure the needle has moved enough for us and for you to call the programme a success. If you are not happy, we will invite every member of the team to the training session again for free.

Ensure Your Managers Have the Skills and Tools to Meet the Needs of Today’s Workforce!

ProNexus Advisory Board Partnership

Manage2Retain announces a new partnership with ProNexus Advisory Board. The ProNexus group is a network of independent experts and talented professionals that bring aa wealth of data and experience in servicing the heaalthcare sector.


ProNexus Advisory

We’re not your typical healthcare consultants. Think of us as a virtual network of independent experts with real-world experience who have successfully tackled healthcare’s biggest challenges. We are resources on demand, ready to collaborate and jump in when you need us.

ProNexus was born out of a keen recognition for specialized consulting services within the healthcare sector. We fundamentally understand that healthcare leaders value the expertise of those who have faced similar, formidable challenges and that these leaders seek dynamic and innovative approaches to navigating complexity.

At ProNexus, we serve as the intersection of expertise and innovation, bridging the gaps in the healthcare industry and facilitating access to the right team of on-demand experts. Our mission is to foster collaborations that lead to transformative change, the optimization of operations, and the delivery of innovative solutions that accelerate organizations towards achieving their goals. 

What sets us apart is our unique approach, offering clients the benefits of both a smaller, more agile, client-focused structure and the depth and breadth of a larger consultancy. This enables us to deliver solutions more quickly and cost-effectively while maximizing customer value and achieving the best outcomes for our clients. Our commitment is to provide healthcare leaders with a responsive and tailored consulting experience. 

ProNexus Advisory is a community of experienced professionals dedicated to propelling the healthcare industry forward. 

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