Assessment Tools

Determine Your Potential Risks and Returns

Retention Risk Analyzer (RRA)

Do you know the most common reasons employees leave and resign? These are not always assessed understood and acted on. These reasons are not always financial (pay and compensation packages). In most cases the non-financial factors: their engagement, their work experience and their career development, growth and opportunities have an even more profound influence on an employee’s decision to stay or leave than financial considerations.

Imagine the benefits, in efforts to retain your talent, in planning strategy and being proactive in your talent retention goals if you could find out whether you are successful meeting these crucial factors and needs of employees or if there are gaps, disconnects and shortcomings that could result in talent loss and employee turnover. Understand the potential turnover risks in your workplace.  

Our RRA survey assessment tool examines whether your organization, leadership and culture are meeting these critical elements that drive employee dissatisfaction and turnover. This allows you to determine what corrective actions are necessary to make the employee experience more rewarding, reduce the risk of turnover and secure your talent for lengthy tenures.    

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Business Case Calculator (BCC)

Can you receive an attractive ROI (Return on Investment) from investments in employee retention programs. Find out using our Business Case Calculator tool to determine the true and current costs of employee turnover and absenteeism in your company. Once you have these numbers you are in a stronger position to determine whether the solutions you are considering to help you improve employee retention will generate a return on your investment.

We believe our programs can offer an attractive ROI with a 15-20 percent reduction in employee turnover rates and decreased absenteeism rates.

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3rd Party Exit Interviews (3PEI)

It is important to know why employees voluntarily resign. In some cases it is unavoidable (family moves to another city, health is failing, want to avoid a long commute…) but more often the reasons could be prevented. In house exit interviews can be guarded and unable to identify or uncover the subtleties and issues that led to a resignation. Take time to truly learn, record and track why employees leave so you have the information you need to address the issues and plan retention strategies. Here are some common reasons:

  • Relationships with manager
  • Lack of career development and growth
  • Little to no purpose of meaning or alignment with company values and mission
  • Financial reasons
  • Work-life balance
  • Lack of appreciation or feeling valued…..

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