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Focus where you have the most impact on retention: The Manager, Employee & Team Level! Transform Your Workplace with Manage2Retain

Psychological Contract

Understand and meet the unique needs and goals of each employee.

Employee Engagement and Experience Drivers

Cultivate positive work experiences and rewarding careers

Leadership Skills

Help managers build trust and strong working relationships.

Why Managers Matter

Direct managers significantly influence employee satisfaction and retention through daily interactions, feedback, support for career development, and creating a positive work environment.

Managers play a crucial role in employee retention by
  • Enabling them to work with respect and dignity

  • Ensuring they are recognized, appreciated and feel valued for their work and achievement

  • Building opportunities to grow, learn and develop

  • Facilitating strong working relationships

  • Working with purpose and meaning

  • Creating rewarding and fulfilling career experiences

  • Helping employees belong to, and be part of, a team where they can contribute their ideas and energy

  • Communicating effectively through interactive conversations, feedback and encouragement.

  • …and many more

Our Focus

Enable managers to support and nurture the employee’s work role and career by addressing individual needs for an enjoyable work experience.
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About Us

Our Employee Experience and Development (EXD) conversation series provides a structured process for managers to:
  • Cultivate employee engagement, support employee needs by building a positive work experience and creating a career development plan for employees designed to meet their career goals, all to improve loyalty and talent retention and
  • Help managers build the people and leadership skills that create trust, loyalty and strong working relationships. This comes from better understanding of their people through interactive discussions and two-way feedback that enable the manager to determine how to successfully help employees belong and improve their leadership style so they build high performance and enjoyable workplace environments that employees want to be part of.

We provide coaching and training support for managers through the conversation process including before and after (follow up) discussions.

Our conversation series has three core focus areas:

Building employee engagement

Defining and supporting a rewarding employee experience and

Creating an active and dynamic career development plan

Content can be customized to meet specific business/company needs. (additional Costs can apply)

Why Managers- The Missing Element?

Have you heard of the “Psychological Contract”?
“The term ‘psychological contract’ refers to individuals’ expectations, beliefs, ambitions and obligations, as perceived by the employer and the worker. The concept emerged in the early 1960s and is core to understanding the employment relationship.”
This becomes particularly important when you consider all of the different generations and personalities in the workplace and each with their own unique needs and specific interests and goals.

Employers and business organizations have every right to expect employees are productive, achieve assigned goals, communicate professionally, commit to overcoming problems… however employees also have needs, goals and expectations….and these go well beyond salary, compensation and benefit packages. Salary needs and income are certainly important to live and meet the financial needs of employees yet there are many other factors that employees are seeking in their work experience including:

  • Respect and dignity
  • Recognition and appreciation for work and achievement
  • An opportunity to grow, learn and develop,
  • Building rewarding working relationships
  • To work with purpose and meaning
  • Having a rewarding, fulfilling and enjoyable career
  • To be part of a team where they can contribute their ideas and energy
  • …and many more

How well are you as an organization meeting the needs and expectations of your employees? Are managers helping to meet these expectations? Do managers know what employee needs and expectations are? Your organizations ability to meet employee needs and expectations helps answer the “What’s in it for me” question, builds win-win agreements and strengthen relationships. 

We can help! Our Employee Experience and Development (EXD) conversations are designed to help managers connect with their employees, discuss their interests and goals and meet their career expectations. Through our structured conversations managers will be able to discuss, understand and act on some of employee personal needs. By supporting employees on a personal and emotional level managers will help create a servant leadership type culture where efforts to help employees results in several organizational benefits such as; improved retention, lower absenteeism, increased performance, stronger teamwork and collaboration, commitment to achieve department and business goals….and more.

Common vs Individual/Personal needs

Company wide employee retention programs and strategies implemented by senior leadership or Human Resources departments are certainly important and needed. Yet where they often fail is their inability to address and meet the individual interests, needs (emotional and personal) and goals of every employee. These elements are the critical factors that influence whether the employee experience is worthwhile and rewarding or lacking in one or several areas.
Our programs enable managers to customize and tailor the employee’s work role and career by taking small, meaningful actions that have a significant and positive impact on the employee’s experience and career development. This makes all the difference!!
Our structured conversations are designed to tackle retention at the heart of the issue, the manager-employee relationship. These are not corporate programs or HR initiatives that are designed to appeal to a broad workforce but a process to meet specific employee individual and personal needs through better communication and relationships. We build stronger manager-employee relationships to strengthen the emotional bonds and connections that lead to improved retention.
We focus on the two people that are in the strongest position to influence, craft, build and create a rewarding, fulfilling employee experience: the manager and their employee. These two people have the potential through discussions and collaboration to understand and support personal employee needs and also contribute to better performance. These are the two most influential people who know each other well and are in the strongest position to understand and act on needs, interests and career goals.
As human beings we are all unique and generic programs often miss the mark on meeting these needs.