About Us

About Manage2Retain

 Creating a rewarding work experience requires a new partnership between employees and managers, built on trust and support.

Our Tools and Processes

  • Psychological Contract: Understand and meet the unique needs and goals of each employee.

  • Employee Engagement and Experience Drivers: Cultivate positive work experiences and career development plans.

  • Leadership Skills: Help managers build trust and strong working relationships.

Why Managers Matter

Direct managers significantly influence employee satisfaction and retention through daily interactions, feedback, support for career development, and creating a positive work environment.

Managers play a crucial role in employee retention by:

  • Enabling them to work with respect and dignity

  • Ensuring they are recognized, appreciated and feel valued for their work and achievement

  • Building opportunities to grow, learn and develop,

  • Facilitating strong working relationships

  • Working with purpose and meaning

  • Creating rewarding and fulfilling career experiences

  • Helping employees belong to, and be part of, a team where they can contribute their ideas and energy

  • Communicating effectively through interactive conversations, feedback and encouragement. 

  • …and many more

Our Focus

Enable managers to tailor the employee’s work role and career, addressing individual needs for a rewarding work experience.

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