Six Keys to Retaining Your Employees and Workforce Talent

The ability to engage and retain your workforce talent has many business benefits, including:

*Improved Customer Service *Higher Productivity *Employee Input/Ideas
*Improved Communication *Better Teamwork/Collaboration *Higher Employee Satisfaction
*Better Product/Service Quality *Improved Retention/Lower Absenteeism *Increased Profits

Six Key Steps to Make Your Workplace Culture More Human and People Oriented
To Improve Employee Retention (Without Pay Increases)

  1. Show Appreciation:  Recognize employee effort and achievement. Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated and a show of thanks and acknowledgement for something he or she has done well makes a big difference.
  2. Understand and Support Employee Needs: Use simple conversations to frequently talk with employees to discuss their interests and goals. Everyone is unique in their needs and goals and your ability as a manager to understand and support their objectives can have tremendous influence on their loyalty and retention.
  3. Improve the Employee Experience: There are many ways a manager can help improve the employee experience. Through conversations you can understand employee needs and then take agreed to actions that enable the employee to build a more rewarding experience- this could be working with their strengths, pursuing their interests (ie more challenging projects, interactions with customers, flexibility in scheduling their task…)
  4. Improve their Working Conditions: Simple improvements in work areas can help employees feel better about their career jobs. Improving the lighting where they work, reducing noise distractions and safety issues, a new computer or flexible work hours ….all contribute to improved employee satisfaction.
  5. Better Communication: All employees need to be clear on their goals and priorities. They also need open, transparent and interactive conversations with managers when needed to discuss concerns and challenges. This increases trust and builds stronger working relationships.
  6. Career Growth and Development:  Help employees learn new skills and knowledge. This could be cross training on other jobs, special projects… and creates more interest in their work, helps their company with their experience and knowledge and builds confidence in their employer.

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